mardi 26 novembre 2013

After nearly 2 years, I'm back :)

Everything is started but nothing is finished, I'm trying to finish as much porject as posssible. I've a lot that are not finished and I want to see them in my vitrine.

This is a Avalonian Bust from Figone, I need to do again the metal and the jacket.

This on is a bust that I sculpted during a workshop with Vladd Jünger. The finition are really bad but I'm doing with it :). The light is mostly done but I've to bend everything together to be clean.

This is Anakin from Kngith Model which will go with Obiwan on the same base.

The base itself.

Another bust that is far from the end.

I hope I will continue with this rythme for the next 2 months.



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