mardi 26 novembre 2013

Review of Painting Buddha: "Season 1.1:Target Identified - Supporter Edition"

I just came back to Switzerland from 5 month in the US. During that time I couldn't fellow what was happening the miniature world. When i saw the project of Painting Buddha, I couldn't avoid buying the Season 1.1:Target Identified - Supporter Edition.

I waited approximately 2 weeks to get it but i wasn't so pressed because my friend Dre4mit lent his to me. I will speak after about the content of the DVD itself.

Opening the box, you will find a letter of the project leader to thanks the buyer and explain some contest that we can participate to.
Then a samller box is wrapped into the T-shirt:

I firstly took everything out of the box and there is a lot of stuff for what you pay ;)

The most important to me, the chocolate :D A milka plate with a paper : "Sorry for the delay".
As a real Swiss citizen, it's already finished haha

The design of the t-shirt is really nice and the size I took fit me perfectly. I'm a bit afraid with the quality of the printing. It's a good printing quality but I advise to revert it during the washing not to damage the design.

The packaging box is well made. The painting Buddha design is kind of engrave in the box with a shining silver color. When you close the box, there is a magnet that keep the box closed. As you can see the box is high enough to put some paints pot: Gw and P3 fit well but Vallejo or Prince August are too tall. Certainly my next box to take my painting stuff.

You also get some pins (the five on the top), a magnet (bottom left) and two stickers.

Some papers come with too. The first one is an attestation of the box.
 The second one is a Bronze Ticket which means that I won one of the next box. That's pretty sweet :D
There is a whole system to win stuff when buying the box with Gold. Silver ad Bronze tickets. For more explanation you can go there : Masterminis

Then you get two different booklet. On the right, there is a tutorial on how to prepare the miniatures and the base.
 The second one is meant to put a light on the project: the creators, the reason of doing it and more.

But more importantly, you get the DVDs haha 3 for Ben Komet and 3 For Rafael Garcia Marin
1x for Brad
1x for Yanet
1x for the base

I already watched some parts of the DVDs. The film is really good. You can see every step of the painting. I have a lot of painting dvd but this one is in the top.

And finally, the miniatures! They come in a really nice metal box. Even the stickers on the side have the Painting Buddha design. They are well protected with 3 layers of foam.

When I firstly say the base part, I was wondering if the holes were made or the casting was bad. But comparing with the pictures in the booklet, they are normal :) 
 Even the paper for the insulation of the roof are there :D

 The cast of the miniatures is well made, not a lot of mold line and easy to remove.

I really do not regret buying it. Everything is well made. The packaging is superb. I'm looking forward to see the next season from them



Ps: I already found a was to recycle the sending box:

After nearly 2 years, I'm back :)

Everything is started but nothing is finished, I'm trying to finish as much porject as posssible. I've a lot that are not finished and I want to see them in my vitrine.

This is a Avalonian Bust from Figone, I need to do again the metal and the jacket.

This on is a bust that I sculpted during a workshop with Vladd Jünger. The finition are really bad but I'm doing with it :). The light is mostly done but I've to bend everything together to be clean.

This is Anakin from Kngith Model which will go with Obiwan on the same base.

The base itself.

Another bust that is far from the end.

I hope I will continue with this rythme for the next 2 months.