vendredi 2 mars 2012

Mohand's lesson and some star wars minis ;)

I'm back from the figostage with Mohand in which I've learned a lot. I had to paint on a dry palette with the Mohand's technique which is firstly really hard to use. It's a mix between "into wet painting" and "lavis". It's a sandbox minis so it's not really clean but it was not the goal :) There is a lot to do but I prefer to let it like this to see I'll improve threw the time.

The next mini is a wip for a duel between Obiwan and Anakin from Knight Model. I wanted to present the final battle of the third chapter. On the lava planet just before Obiwan cuts Anakins legs. I'll paint the lava with glowing pigment like the tuto from massive voodoo.

I've only started to paint Obiwan.

The last picture is about my photobox, which is made with a Ikea dustbin :D The idea come from massive voodoo too :)

Cya ;)