vendredi 2 mars 2012

Mohand's lesson and some star wars minis ;)

I'm back from the figostage with Mohand in which I've learned a lot. I had to paint on a dry palette with the Mohand's technique which is firstly really hard to use. It's a mix between "into wet painting" and "lavis". It's a sandbox minis so it's not really clean but it was not the goal :) There is a lot to do but I prefer to let it like this to see I'll improve threw the time.

The next mini is a wip for a duel between Obiwan and Anakin from Knight Model. I wanted to present the final battle of the third chapter. On the lava planet just before Obiwan cuts Anakins legs. I'll paint the lava with glowing pigment like the tuto from massive voodoo.

I've only started to paint Obiwan.

The last picture is about my photobox, which is made with a Ikea dustbin :D The idea come from massive voodoo too :)

Cya ;)

mardi 21 février 2012

Lugdunum and News

So i went to lugdunum this weekend with the last miniatures I've made and i came back home with a bronze medal in confirmé Painting. It was my first time in this category so I'm very happy.
 I took some pictures ;)

Lugdunum 2012

I've also started a monstropot from maow miniatures which is very nice to paint.

mardi 24 janvier 2012

Miniatures in vidéos

Dre4mit made videos of my last miniatures.
SO here it is:
Nurgle Chaos Lord:

Buste de Zak:

I'll put some pictures of my work at the end of the week ;)

dimanche 15 janvier 2012

Figostage in Payern

Just to say that I've organised a figostage in Payern (CH) with Mohand the 25 and 26 February

samedi 14 janvier 2012

A test with airbrush

 This is a test on a bust from Figone that I bought a long time ago. I wanted to try airbrush on it and this is the final result. Next I start to work with brushes

KiuD ;)

Let's Work!

Hi. I'm happy to say that I've finally open a blog and I hope I will bring new stuff every weeks!
This is only my work of 2011:

-Nurgle Chaos Lord from GW,
 I've painted this miniature for a friend which did a lot for me and it's why I'm still painting those days. Thanks to him!

-Sigmar Priest from GW,
I've painted this miniature when I was in Paris in friend's house. I took one week for everything. The drawing on the standard is actually the real coat of arms of my family.

Goblin Bust from Figone,
I've started this miniature with Jeremie Bonament Teboul and I've finished it at least 6 months later.

KiuD ;)